The Department of Primary Education was launched as a part of Faculty of Education in 2011. The department started teaching with about 250 students within 5 different programs. Recently, the department has about 450 undergraduate and 20 graduate students. 


Technological advancements increase the signifigance of education. 20th century known as a science and technology age. Recent developments have shown that the next age will be the era that the information transformed into technology faster than past one. Research developing in recent years have put into practice just within education. In order to put research projects into practice, it is essential to accumulate information . Obviously, we need "information society". Science and scientific research are the basic criterias for societies to go further. So that one of the fundamental aims of our department is to train teachers who will educate the next age's generation. 


The swift changes being wrought by the information society have inevitably meant rapid. Interaction among education, culture and new information and communication technologies is so vitally important. Educating people with new information and knowledge technologies means teaching them to impart meanings. So they can easily reconcile the new ways of producing and working with the new ways of exercising rights, affirming cultures, acquiring knowledge and communicating. The information and knowledge society requires new skills to both the professional and the learner. In particular, the need to deal with change, innovation and evolving models of competition and collaboration brings new challenges.


It is vitally important that optimizing the system of education is crucial for a country to develop. The more skilled people our country have, the more success we can achieve. In other words, excellent education is the main key for success. Education is necessary for society. It  fashions and models man for society. Education also brings into focus the social aspect of man, it signifies man's supreme position in society. As the keystones of society, universities crucial mission is to  train people well. Being aware of this mission, our department with  3 professors, 7 associate professors, 12 assistant professors and 8 research assistants have been working to prepare students for the next century.