For Incoming Students;

Yildiz Technical University (YTU) was established in 1911, Istanbul, Turkey. It is one of the most succesful universities in Turkey. In addition, there many foreign students in the university. That's why, we call you with inner calm to continue your education for one or two semester at YTU in Istanbul.


Whereas the Department of Primary Education was founded in 2011, it has been developing so fast with succesful academic accomplishments. Most of our instructors got their PhD.'s from reputable USA and European universities. The faculty in the campus offers posibilities such as laborotories, library, internet connection that includes free access for a lot of succesful journals and so on. If you are eager to learn in a foreign country with succesful instructors and students, we invite you as an ERASMUS student for our department.


On the other side, the location of the university is in Istanbul in which there are so many historical and sightseeing places. Furthermore, it is easy to arrive from university to such places or vice versa. If you want to experience different cultures and visit touristic places with thousands of foreign students in Istanbul, we call you as an ERASMUS student.


International students may reach more information about the university, admission process and living conditions thorugh the web page



For Outgoing Students;

The Department of Primary Education has agreements with several universities from EU such as Germany, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, etc. If you would like to experince within a different culture with international students, we advise you to go as a ERASMUS student. If you are interested in ERASMUS, pleaseclick here